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Young people face challenges, pressures and temptations unimaginable just a few years ago. In a world of turmoil and constant change, parents increasingly look to Adventist education to offer their children the tools they need to survive and succeed in this life—and for eternity. Academically, the numbers speak for themselves: ADVENTIST SCHOOLS versus PUBLIC SCHOOLS 85% of graduates attend college vs. public school graduates 66%. 80% of graduates complete college degrees vs. public school grads 14%. 34% of applicants accepted to medical schools vs. 9% of public school applicants. Nearly 100% of teachers certificated and as low as 58% of public teachers certificated. Percentile performance on nationally normed tests: 70th — better than 70% of all schools taking the test nationwide, which includes public and private schools. But some things just can’t be measured in test scores and college completion rates. Around the world, in more than 6,709 schools and through the inspired efforts of more than 65,679 Adventist teachers, young lives experience critical transformation. It happens in morning worships. In earnest prayers. In community service projects and mission adventures. In so many little ways each day, our children find God and a future on their journey to excellence. And isn’t that worth everything?
According to CognitiveGenesis, a 4-year study of 30,000 North American Adventist school students, grades 3–9 and 11, each year at an Adventist school improves students’ average scholastic achievement. This research, conducted at La Sierra University, is validating what parents, teachers, and students involved in Adventist education have known for years—that, overall, Adventist school students perform better than the national average. CHECK IT OUT AT!

The Principal’s Message

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Louis F. Ortiz, ED.S.

I am a native San Diegan that attended the El Cajon SDA Church School and Church. There, I was also passionately involved in Pathfinder Club. I earned my Master Guide and served as a director in El Cajon SDA and MSSDA Churches. My schooling includes a AS, BS, MS, and ED.S in Educational Leadership from La Sierra University. I hope to be able to complete a dissertation and receive the Ed.D. soon. Please pray that the Lord would facilitate that goal. I have served as an elementary teacher, an assistant principal and a principal in California Public Schools in Cajon Valley USD, Murrieta Valley USD, and Poway USD in San Diego, since 1994. My son, David (age 19), has attended MSACA, EAA, and LSU, which was a wonderful investment. I highly value Adventist Christian Education as it has changed my life for the better. My present “red carpet” from the Lord leads me to Murrieta Springs Adventist Christian Academy. What an honor and privilege! I have accepted this call with humility and a complete dependence on the Holy Spirit for guidance, strength, vision, energy, creativity and heart, as I work to model the love of Christ to our lambs and their families and our churches. ADDITIONAL INFO: Hobbies: piano & music, drawing/design, poetry, bird watching, fishing, building & flying kites, biking and hiking Fun Facts: * Was one of 50 pianists selected to perform the Half-time Show for Super Bowl XXII between the Redskins and the Broncos in 1987 * Conducted a piece for the San Diego Summer Pops in 1992 * Published Artist for 2 covers of the San Diego Audubon Sketches Magazine * As an adjunct professor at La Sierra University - has been teaching in the School of Education for the Master Degree - Collaborative Learning in the Classroom and Curriculum Design and Instruction. * Hopes to catch a 100 pound or larger Blue Fin Tuna this summer with his dad! I ask you all to keep me in your daily prayers, for now the duty before me has eternal implications for lambs and their families. I ask for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit and for the wisdom of Solomon. God bless our children and you all. See you soon!
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School History


Murrieta Springs Adventist Christian Academy has deep roots in the Temecula Valley, beginning in Lake Elsinore. Very different than it looks today, the school began in 1947 in a one-room schoolhouse on the Lake Elsinore SDA Church property. In 1994, our current property in Murrieta was purchased to become the future home of Murrieta Springs SDA Church and school. (Murrieta property pictured here)

First Students

When the school began in 1947, in a one-room schoolhouse, there were 19 students grades 1 through 8. In 1950 an army barracks building was moved in to accommodate a two-teacher school and growing student enrollment. With the sale of the Elsinore church property in 1992 a small handful of families determined to keep the school open and moved the school to the Valley SDA Church property for 9 years. In 2001, our school building (and an additional one) were relocated onto the property where they now reside, and after a long hot summer of work, permits, inspections, we finally held classes late in the fall of 2001. During the delay, our classes were even held in private homes (pictured here).


Campus Expansion

In 1998, Lyndon Parsons was asked to become our Pastor and he, Leslie and their two children became part of our mission to build. Soon we decided to move our "church family" on to the property. We purchased and erected a large white meeting tent which served as our church for 10+ years rather than the overly-optimistic 2 years we had predicted that the building project of our school and church would take. During those 10 years we built the current Gymnasium with attached classrooms, and the Sanctuary, which is on the hill behind the school complex. Pictured is the church tent, the classroom modulars and the beginnings of the school Gymnasium construction. It has been the church's goal to work hand in hand with Christian education to serve not only our congregation but our community. We desire to be a light in our valley.



Our school's principal in 1994 had this to say in the yearbook: "I've been inspired this year as prayers ascended to heaven on behalf of a new school and for the formation of a new church". Wow, how God answers prayers! In 2010 we moved into our Church (pictured) and watched our school blossom in enrollment and our children's heartfelt love and knowledge for Christ. Our future goals are "building out" the other side of the Gymnasium with classrooms, improving our sports field and other expansion goals. We are grateful to God for all His goodness and blessings thus far and know that He is our Leader in our day to day, and long-term accomplishments. It is exciting to see what He has planned for our precious school MSACA.


Mission and Values

The Seventh-day Adventist Church recognizes God as the ultimate source of existence, truth, and power. In the beginning God created in His image a perfect humanity, a perfection later marred by sin. Education in its broadest sense is a means of returning human beings to their original relationship with God. The distinctive characteristics of this Adventist worldview, built around creation, the fall, redemption, and re-creation, are derived from the Bible and the inspired writings of Ellen G. White.The aim of true education is to restore human beings into the image of God as revealed by the life of Jesus Christ. Only through the guidance of the Holy Spirit can this be accomplished. An education of this kind imparts far more than academic knowledge. It fosters a balanced development of the whole person—spiritual, physical, intellectual, and social-emotional—a process that spans a lifetime. Working together, homes, schools, and churches cooperate with divine agencies to prepare learners to be good citizens in this world and for eternity.

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MSACA is dedicated to the mental, physical and spiritual well-being of all our students. Our school challenges the students with a small student-teacher ratio while providing a cooperative learning environment using differentiated instruction. Use the menu on the left to discover more about MSACA and Adventist education!